Don’t forget to check your spam box!

I don't normally pay much attention to all the spam that comes into my email, but for some reason I decided to open a couple up today. Wow, I never knew how entertaining these can be!

This one was from "Amy Larson" Title-
get a hold of me tomorrow..

hi, its me.. amy. I haven't heard back from you buddy πŸ˜‰ Where are you
hiding?? Are you still interested in meeting up sometime? I'm not too
far from you. Your message was great and I really liked your profile. I
think we would click. To tell you a little about me... I just got out
of a relationship of three years. We barely ever had sex! I'm ready to
enjoy myself and have some fun πŸ˜‰ You up for it? (hehe). Are you still
interested even?? I can't wait to meet you sometime soon. Maybe we could
rent a movie and stay in one night. Let me know when you have some
free time. You can reach me through my profile on this site. My user name
is pinkprincess.

Get in touch with me soon. Don't wait too long, I might find someone
else to hang out with πŸ™‚ just kidding.

Hope you like the new pictures.. talk to you tomorrow if you get this!

I'm not going to say much, but I thought that was pretty hilarious, and I think some desperate, horny men will be intrigued & log on to that site based on that email.

Now this one's a doozy.. From "Barry Williams" Title- Urgent From Refund Department

Nations to the Economic community of West African States to pay 100 scammed Foreign 419 victims five hundred thousand United States Dollars each, you are listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims. Get back to me as soon as possible for the immediate procession of your compensations funds.
On this faithful recommendations, I want you to know that during the last ECOWAS meetings, it was alarmed so much by the rest of the world in the meeting on the lose of funds by various foreigners to the scam artists operating syndicates all over the West African states and in U.K today, the president of this Organization with its member countries is now paying 100 victims the sum of five hundred thousand United States Dollars each.
According to the number of applicants at hand,64 beneficiaries have been paid of which half of the victims are from the United States, we still have more 36 left to be paid the compensation of five hundred thousand United States Dollars each. Your particulars was mentioned by some of the syndicates who was arrested in some parts of West Africa and also in U.K as one of the victims of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to any body for any reason what so ever because investigations is still going on to get the rest of the culprits. Information on how you will be paid will be sent to you as son as we get your response.
Note that you’re to put your reference number in all your corresponding emails to us and also you are to send us your Full Names and Phone Numbers so we can reach on to you. As we receive your return email towards processing your compensation. Executive Director, Mr. Barry Williams Telephone: +2348065005390 Email- or

Oh , I think I just pissed myself. Scamming people who already have been or believe themselves to be scammed. I guess there are a lot of really dumb, gullible people out there, though.

And the part about not copying or disclosing this email to anyone- fucking funny. What? Does that mean I don’t get my refund, then? Damn!

This one is good and generic enough that it actually looks plausible(if you’re not the brightest star in the sky)

From Secret Admirer Title- You have a secret admirer

A secret admirer has sent you a message.  Below you will find the
message and the link to view your secret admirer:
Hey, I'm not gonna give away my name, but I'm going to give you a few
hints.  My first hint is:  I worked with a friend of yours and we ended
up meeting at a bar we were together at.  My second hint is: I have
brown hair and brown eyes.  My third hint is: I drink vodka tonics.  I
think we even had a discussion about it that night, but maybe not.
Anyway, I have a crush on you and would like to meet up sometime if you're
interested.  Drop me a line if you think you know who I am.  Hope to hear
from you ;)

To view your secret admirer follow this link:

I mean, I’ve met lots of friends’ coworkers in bars, brown hair & brown eyes are among the many descriptions, I’m positive, I also tend to have conversations about favorite alcoholic drinks.. and hey- I’m hot. People like me & have crushes on me! Yeah! (Daily affirmation complete)

On a bored moment, check your spam box and read some of this junk. I found it fairly entertaining!


5 Responses to “Don’t forget to check your spam box!”

  1. I get them all the time for “my penis”. Oh yes. The last one implored me to turn my “love organ into a monster”. Mmmhmm.

    I’m loving your spam. I’ve won the UK lottery 3 x now πŸ™‚

  2. Greg Brady sent you spam??

  3. I want to please try and find Amy or her username, pinkprincess as this lady has wrote to me many times and I really would love to get to know her a lot better and if pinkprincess finds this note please email me

    Lots of love from Jim.

  4. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

  5. I also received that Email regarding the “three hints” with the vodka tnic etc. So what did I do? Highlight, control c and paste into google and guess what I found? Your site!! Thank you for doing this!! Hilarious!!

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